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2014 IVF Success Rates Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the release of the latest 2014 IVF success rate data. This is the sixth year we have published this data in a way that enables prospective patients to easily compare live birth rates between centers in their area.

This year we have made some changes to the data presented on this site.

As evidenced by the previous link, some centers are moving to a “freeze all” protocol. This protocol allows advanced genetic testing on the embryo and for the uterine lining to return to a more normal state following stimulation. Centers that have moved toward this protocol may show a very low number of fresh cycles, making comparison to other centers in their area difficult. We hope that providing information on banked cycles will help educate prospective patients to consider success rates for thawed embryo cycles when evaluating a center with a high percentage of banked cycles.

We must also recognize that SART has dramatically changed the format in which they report success rates. For the 2014 data set, we are not incorporating those changes and are reporting in the format that the CDC continues to use.

The new SART format incorporates banked cycles and no longer distinguishes between fresh and thawed cycles. Instead, the focus is on primary and secondary outcomes. We agree that there needs to be a better way to track outcomes from banked cycles and provide more accurate insight to the prospective patient as to the true cost and effectiveness of treatment.

However, we have heard dissatisfaction from more than one large center over the way that some very specific outcomes are being classified in the new reporting format. As a result, some of these centers are no longer reporting to SART.

As always, we encourage the review and discussion of this data. Please provide your comments below.

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