Fertility Success Rates

Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde – A Perspective Into The Fertility Machine

Great blog post by a former NYC resident who writes of her experience with two different fertility clinics in New York City.  The post describes how they originally chose one clinic, primarily based on success rate data only to have a frustrating, disappointing and costly experience with an uncaring, poorly run clinic.  After some time … Continued

A Better System For Tracking IVF Success

Dr. Geoffrey Sher just published an insightful blog post outlining some of the deficiencies in the current SART/CDC IVF success rate model. Specifically he mentions: Currently all data collected is self reported by the member clinics and is not audited by a third party. Spot checks are performed on only approximately 10% of member clinics These … Continued

Great Patient-Focused Explanation Of SART Report Data

I just finished an excellent patient blog post entitled, How To Get SART Smart. It is written by a, "28 year old married couple facing early Ovarian Failure and discussing our options of IVF or the possibility of Donor Eggs." If medical professionals have any doubts about the patient's ability to understand success rate data … Continued

Looking beyond Fertility Clinic Success Statistics

IVF Statistic Manipulation and How to Discover it Critics of using IVF success statistics like Live Birth Rate Per Transfer as a method of evaluating the quality of a fertility clinic say that statistics can be manipulated. There is no doubt that this is being done. But is the answer really to prohibit comparison?  Isn't … Continued

IVF Success Rates Frequently Asked Questions

After three years of running this site, we have fielded dozens of questions about IVF Success Rates. Here are some of the most popular ones. Have a question that isn't here? You can ask it in the comments section and we will do our best to get it answered. Why are the most recent published … Continued

How to Improve IVF Success Rates

A few things you and your physician can do to improve IVF success. There are a few factors you can influence in increasing your chances with IVF. Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and reduce stress in your life among other things. However, the most important factor to increase your IVF success is your decision … Continued

SART vs CDC IVF Success Rates Report

Which IVF success rate data is more accurate? When looking at IVF success rates, you have two data sources available in the US. 1. SART: The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology reports the most recent IVF success rates of their member fertility clinics. Their annual report is entitled "IVF Success Rate Reports" and is available … Continued

National Average Fertility Success Rates

Based on live birth rate as reported by the CDC The Center for Disease Control does some extensive analysis each year to compile the data submitted by all practicing fertility clinics in the United States. The latest report from 2008 shows that there were 475 reporting fertility clinics performing IVF treatment that year. These 475 … Continued

Understanding SART and CDC IVF Success Rate Data

How to make sense of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report. The statistics provided in a fertility clinic's IVF success rate report can tell you a lot about that practice. Here are a few helpful tips on what to look for and what it may mean to you. Total IVF Cycles Performed Per Year First … Continued

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