Fertility Success Rates

2012 IVF Success Rate Data Released

The latest IVF Success Rates report is now available!


The data in our comparative report comes directly from the Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology.

The new report shows a total of 165,172 cycles were reported by member clinics in 2012. The national average live birth per embryo transferred for women under the age of 35 was 47.1. Compare this to the top 25 clinics in the same age group where live birth rate is 82.4% – 62.5% and you start to see the difference between truly excellent and just average.

This is likely to be the last year that IVF success rates are reported in their current format. The increased practice of embryo banking cycles, the success rates of which are not currently included in the IVF Success Rate Reports, is leading to a greater discrepancy between the total number of cycles performed and the total number of cycles reported by some centers. There have been reports published claiming that some centers use this loophole in the reporting requirements to artificially increase their success rates. Proponents of the technique cite research showing higher success rates for embryo banking cycles due to the more normalized state of the endometrium at the time of transfer.

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