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Facebook Censorship? – Our IVF Success Rates Page Has Been Deleted

Update 4/19 12:40 PM – Access to our Facebook page has been restored. Facebook had nothing to do with it being temporarily removed. Be careful with Business Manager access! I need your help. We have maintained a Facebook page at https://facebook.com/ivfrates/ for several years. Last time I checked, we had close to 1,000 followers there. … Continued

2014 IVF Success Rates Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest 2014 IVF success rate data. This is the sixth year we have published this data in a way that enables prospective patients to easily compare live birth rates between centers in their area.

An Update on 2014 IVF Success Rate Data

As of April 5th 2016, SART has not released updated IVF success rate data. Their site still shows data from 2013, which is what we show here. On the other hand, the CDC has already released preliminary 2014 IVF success rates. Historically, SART releases updated IVF success rate data by mid-March and the CDC follows … Continued

SART Is Trying to Shut Us Down For Comparing IVF Success Rates

Note: This post is intended for physicians¬†and other professionals working in the fertility industry. Every year, SART makes a big push to contact fertility clinics listed on this website in an effort to scare them away from advertising or even linking here. They cite their advertising policy¬†which prohibits “advertising/marketing that ranks or compares clinics or … Continued

How (not) To Report Inaccurate IVF Success Rate Data

In any given year, approximately 50% of the IVF clinics that report to SART don’t like this site. We take a lot of heat from some of these clinics. We didn’t create this site for them. This site was conceived and continues to operate for the benefit of patients who are confused about the data … Continued

Rank Update February 25th, 2014

The Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology has updated their annual IVF Success Rate report to include six centers that were unintentionally excluded from the initial report released 02/17/2014. None of these new entries affects our comparative report of the Top 25 IVF Clinics in America. Rankings at the state level, however, have been adjusted accordingly.

2012 IVF Success Rate Data Released

The latest IVF Success Rates report is now available! http://fertilitysuccessrates.com/report/United-States/women-under-35/data.html The data in our comparative report comes directly from the Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology. The new report shows a total of 165,172 cycles were reported by member clinics in 2012. The national average live birth per embryo transferred for women under the age of … Continued

Rank Updates Feb. 5, 2013

SART has updated their IVF Success Rate data to include new clinics. Accordingly, we have update our Top IVF Clinic Report to include this new data. The following clinic were added: Austin Fertility Institute, PA Utah Fertility Center Fertility Solutions, P.C. / Massachutsetts Fertility Center, L.L.C. Gago IVF Reproductive Gynecology, Inc. Both Austin Fertility Institute … Continued

2011 SART Data Has Been Released

SART has released the 2011 IVF Success Rates data and we have updated our list of Top IVF Clinics. However, we noticed that the reports for several clinics were not yet updated for 2011.  https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCSR_PublicMultYear.aspx?ClinicPKID=2268 https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCSR_PublicMultYear.aspx?ClinicPKID=2454 https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCSR_PublicMultYear.aspx?ClinicPKID=2143 https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCSR_PublicMultYear.aspx?ClinicPKID=2455 https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCSR_PublicMultYear.aspx?ClinicPKID=2210 We have excluded these clinics from our report of Top IVF Clinics in America until their … Continued

Updates to 2010 IVF Success Data

Yesterday it was brought to our attention that SART updated their 2010 IVF Success Rates Report. It is not uncommon for them to do this periodically as corrections are made to the initial reporting. SART does not have a system in place to notify the public when such changes are made, so we are unsure … Continued

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