Fertility Success Rates

An Update on 2014 IVF Success Rate Data

As of April 5th 2016, SART has not released updated IVF success rate data. Their site still shows data from 2013, which is what we show here. On the other hand, the CDC has already released preliminary 2014 IVF success rates.

Historically, SART releases updated IVF success rate data by mid-March and the CDC follows in 3-6 months. Clinics are only required by law to submit data to the CDC. Submissions to SART are voluntary and require an expensive SART membership along with the requirement to abide by SART’s rules and regulations. In an effort to present the most current data, we have always chosen to use the SART data set. This year is different.

Though it is a cumbersome process, we are retooling our system to use the CDC IVF success rate data. We anticipate completing this migration by April 11th.

Using the CDC data set offers several advantages compared to the data available from SART.

  1. More Clinics The 2014 CDC data set lists 114 additional fertility centers that are not in the 2013 SART data. Many centers prefer to avoid the expense and bureaucracy that goes along with submitting to SART.
  2. Direct To Bank Cycles SART has never made the number of direct to bank cycles for each center readily available. A more detailed explanation of the significance of DTB cycles is the subject for another post. However, it is relevant to mention that CDC provides the number of DTB cycles for each age group. We are considering using this data to calculate the percentage of D2B cycles performed by each center and then queuing visitors to examine thawed transfer rates for centers with a high percentage of D2B cycles.
  3. Abandoning SART Given the acrimonious way SART has actively tried to put us out of business, we will be pleased to do anything to make them more irrelevant.

This is a significant re-working of the data contained on this website. We want to make sure we get it right. For that reason, we are reaching out to all qualified medical professionals who would like access to a preview version of our 2014 IVF success rate rank reports before they are released to the public. If you work for a center that publishes IVF success rate data to the CDC, please contact us privately through this website Please include a phone number and/or email address where we can verify your identity and provide you access information.

Thank you for your patience during this transition. We look forward to providing you with more robust and useful data to help you make a more informed treatment decision regarding IVF.

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