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Facebook Censorship? – Our IVF Success Rates Page Has Been Deleted

Update 4/19 12:40 PM – Access to our Facebook page has been restored. Facebook had nothing to do with it being temporarily removed. Be careful with Business Manager access!

I need your help.

We have maintained a Facebook page at https://facebook.com/ivfrates/ for several years. Last time I checked, we had close to 1,000 followers there. The primary purpose of that page was to announce when new IVF Success Rates were available and to bring attention to top performing IVF Centers in the United States on Facebook.

On Monday April 3rd, I noticed that the page was no longer available on Facebook. I’ve posted more about that here. No notice, no warning, just removed without a trace.

I reviewed the Facebook Page Terms to see if anything had changed which would be considered a violation. I sure don’t see anything.

Despite numerous technical support requests and bug reports, Facebook hasn’t made ANY response. I’ve waited over two weeks for an answer, explanation or resolution.

Given the timing, it seems like we are being intentionally targeted on Facebook.

The CDC has just released the preliminary 2015 IVF Success Rates which means that we are in the process of compiling the data and updating this site with the new list of top performing centers. Without our Facebook page, we lose a significant avenue to announce these new results.

This isn’t the first time we have faced censorship when educating patients about how to interpret IVF Success Rate Data, and it certainly won’t deter us in continuing what we do here.

Even if you don’t think patients should compare success rates from competing clinics, is it right for Facebook to destroy a page focused on helping those who want to learn more about this important aspect of IVF treatment?

If you have information, advice or insight as to how we can get our Facebook page back, please add a comment below or contact us directly. Thank you!

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