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SART vs CDC IVF Success Rates Report

Which IVF success rate data is more accurate?

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When looking at IVF success rates, you have two data sources available in the US.

1. SART: The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology reports the most recent IVF success rates of their member fertility clinics. Their annual report is entitled "IVF Success Rate Reports" and is available at http://www.sart.org. Fertility clinics who are current SART members are required to follow SART guidelines, which includes the reporting of IVF success rates. However, not every clinic is a member and not every member submits their data to SART. The SART data is therefore not as complete.

2. CDC: The Center for Disease Control also provides an annual IVF success rate report called "Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report" This report is compiled after an extensive verification and analysis and contains nice graphs and charts. The data is more complete and includes fertility clinics that didn't report to SART. However, the data is at least three years old because of the year long verification process. A lot of changes can happen in a clinic during a three year time frame. The CDC reports are available at http://www.cdc.gov/ART/ARTReports.htm

Since the SART data is more recent, our Comparative IVF Success Rate Reports are based on this data. We encourage you to view the complete SART and CDC reports for each clinic you want to evaluate.

Compare and review current national IVF success rates.

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  1. So if a center does not report their success rates to the CDC say for over 8 years they just are on the list? Thats all that happens? There are only 9 centers in the state of california that are on their list.. Thats some kind of punishment? So the ones that are on the list for non-reporting just tell their patients basically anything they want? Why did they not come up with a fine or something?

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